Taurus New Moon- April 26, 2017! Time to kiss yesterday goodbye!

A jubilant American sailor clutching a white-unifo

New Moon in Taurus April 26, 2017 6:48 am CST
New Moon Taurus
We are entering a new era of both technology and ground breaking advancements in 2017! Uber will be testing out flying cars in the next few years. Yes, I said, FLYING CARS! Scientists have produced a plastic womb that they plan on using for babies born too early.  Plastic eating worms could save the world, if we don’t destroy it as the US positions THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea. Are you aware that Scientists plan on doing their first Head replacement surgery in December 2017? Seriously! One man’s head gets severed and placed on another body. Eeek! What is this world coming to?!
Meanwhile, Military drills are going off across America and we are stationing our huge Aircraft carrier, Carl Vinson with it’s armada of other ships, including 2 japan vessels off the coast of South Korea. What? Hi, it’s been awhile since I wrote huh? Well, the transits we’re dealing with remind me of WW1 and many astrologers note that. Although I’m not going to get into beating the war drum or how today’s astrology compares to that time, I will inform you of what is going on with the New Moon in Taurus and hopefully when we’re done you’ll understand a bit more about the world and yourself! Cheers!

carl vinson armada
Today’s aspects:
Capricorn Pluto Rx square Aries Uranus and Taurus Mercury Rx: Sweeps away the old outworn structures that we’ve built into our lives. Uranus= sudden change and can create a total revolution in your life. Pluto moves slow building up over time, so these forces of change have been building up in your life for awhile and have reached a critical point. Because of this building tension there could be fierce power struggles around the world. We can use this time for creatively transforming our lives if we see the potential and don’t act on ego. Its important as Mercury is involved that we keep an open mind on all issues instead of becoming preoccupied with one idea. Don’t try to force your opinion on others at this time or you will get into regrettable arguments. As Mercury is in Rx you may find yourself changing your values on a dime, finding that other people’s ideals are in conflict with yours and then rethinking your previous ideas.
If you find yourself in a tight spot, review, review, review. Especially important at this time are our words. Words have direct impact on others, they get under their skin and can cause some outcomes we don’t want, so be careful of how you speak.
World Astrology: Pluto square signifies the power of the masses, sociological upheaval, enemy attacks, nuclear power and widespread death and destruction. Uranus squared signifies strikes, upheavals, revolution, air travel accidents, protests, and lawlessness.
Capricorn Pluto Rx square Libra Jupiter Rx:When Pluto and Jupiter connect there is a huge increase in ideologies and a might makes right mentality. World powers push their agendas and power plays reach a critical degree for us all. Jupiter Rx turns it’s expansion inward, which can result with bloated self egos. There’s a great need for us to expand and build a better life, but at this point you may hit a lot of opposition in your growth.
World Astrology: Jupiter Squared can affect treaties, trade relations, border disputes, import/export problems, international predicaments and religious suppression.
Libra Jupiter Rx opposes Aries Uranus: We desperately want to break free from the day to day grind, and remove ourselves from the stranglehold of our old lives. Relationships are especially affected by this transit, in particular those that obligate you to someone.
Pisces Venus anaretic degree 29* squares Sagittarius Saturn Rx: You may find youself re-evaluating what you get out of your relationships during this time. It might be harder for you to relate to others during this transit, as feelings cool as Venus connects to Saturn. We want a higher love, a spiritual relationship with those in our lives but this can cause people to lose track of reality, and go into a semi-fantasy stage. This is when Saturn- Mr. Reality gives us a whack on our backside and says, “get real!” It’s hard to be pratical with Venus in Pisces, and it bodes better if you use this time to re-evaluate your spiritual walk rather than your close relationships.

erotic love
If you met someone while Venus was Rx, you may have found them more charming, beautiful and amazing then they truly were and are now having to re-evaluate why you made that decision. I like to think of Pisces Venus Rx as the messy hair and dark lover time. Especially Pisces Venus Rx is a hrrumph hair moments, financial faux pas, and lover regrets. At the time things may have seem fated to happen, and the more unorthodox the sweeter it was!
As Venus enters Aries on April 28th you may scrutinize your monetary values. Aries imposes questions on our lovers, and some may endure the 3rd degree. Old friends or lovers may re-appear in the picture complicating things further. There’s a feeling all the while that all of this is fated. One result of Venus in shadow in Aries is Headstrong Heartbreak time. If you’re in a challenging relationship, this time will definitely test you both. You may be trying to recover from the romantic fog of Pisces Venus and figure out if you want to be with a certain person or not. Some of you may undergo a massive dose of impatience and dissatisfaction especially if the relationship started in April during Rx cycle. Suddenly the romantic fog is broken and you see them and they you, as you truly are. Just wait to make any decisions until Venus leaves the Rx shadow zone in Aries on May 18th.

Pisces Venus 29* sextile Gemini Mars: Does it seem too easy and almost fake? At this point, you may be making friends left and right, and have dates lining up to ask you out. People go out of their way to beautify themselves and once more to say the most romantic things. We all might be feeling a little more harmony and appreciation after the last few weeks. Depending on where this lands in your chart, it could be favorable time to get pregnant. Just be careful, we’ve just come out of a Venus Rx and are still, like a wobbly new born lamb, shaky on unstable. We are still under the Piscean Venus love spell and aren’t seeing everything clearly. If you’re in a happy and growing long term relationship, enjoy the moment. Twinflame will feel this aspect at it’s height as a spiritual bonding like no other. You can use this time to connect in spiritual and magical realms.

Taurus Sun/Moon trine Sagittarius Saturn Rx: Free your mind! This New Moon signifies a time when we can truly step up to the plate and truly know ourselves by looking at how we identify with our environment. This is a great time to work hard for your goals. Miss Moon may demand you spend a little time alone first and reorganize your thoughts and feelings. Again if things aren’t running smoothly, re-examine the routines and structures you’ve built into your life and see if they’re still working for you. You have more self control at this time and can deny self gratification, and it may take that to reach the brass ring. Saturn continues to be Rx until August 25, 2017, when He turns direct at 21 degree’s Sagittarius. Along that line of thinking, you may need to research your own beliefs, philosophies and those spiritual childhood teachings. Sagittarius bombards us with news and information from across the globe but it remains hard to discern what is real and fake. I love the song whose lyrics say “free your mind and the rest will follow, be color blind, don’t be so shallow!” Listen to other peoples perspectives, philosophies and allow those ideas to open your mind to a vast opportunity to expand. You cannot truly make a judgement and stand behind your beliefs if you live in a shell and never listen to others. Weigh your opinions and allow this time to bring greater clarity.
World Astrology: Saturn trine signifies stabilizing influences, promotes safety and responsible attitudes. The Sun signifies the President, business leaders and the Moon signifies the people and popular opinion.

Pisces Neptune 13* sextile Capricorn Pluto Rx 19*: Seek the Ancient’s for advice.
Large forces of social change are affecting us all, and during this time this affects us on a deep personal level. You may find that experiences and beliefs you’ve had your entire life prove to be untrue, or invalid. This is an opportunity to clear away the deadwood in your brain and start over again. Capricorn Pluto limits our resources, and restricts and concentrates our objectives, while Saturn narrows and focuses our aim. On a metaphysical level,  this is a great time to hone your clairvoyant faculties. It’s an excellent time to practice your magical skills and learn about Occult matters. Insights that you’ve waited for can be gained during this time if you use the old school methods of connecting with Spirit. We can use this time to delve into past lives and parapsychology. The unseen world wants to connect with us, so that we have a great appreciation and understanding of our connecting to that plane. It could be the very ideas and materials that you’ve discarded in the past that will now help enlighten you. Which is perfect considering we all feel a little limited right now. Capricorn Pluto might be imposing some new structures in your life that are at times hard to deal with, but will later bring about evolution and growth. So, yes once again, we are in the process of removing what we don’t need.
World Astrology: Neptune rules the oceans, Naval military, popular opinion, social movements, charities and the little people.

Jeannie Irwin is a truth expounder, Astrologer, Psychic, badass cook, loving Momma and the coolest friend you can have! Love you all!
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