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Today’s Tarot Card: The Sun- Luminosity of the Heart.
Astrological: Leo, the heart center.
The Sun is one of the most wonderful cards to receive in your tarot reading. Everyone wants to see the shining faces of the two children playing. If in a current or future position in your tarot reading, you are finally realizing somethings concluding usually in a happy way. This card exudes light and joy,

so it can also mean a new friendship, happy reunion, material happiness, award or acclaim in the outside world, good health, optimism and success.
If asking how your work is going, it could promise a leadership position.
Generally you are enlightened when receiving the Sun card!
If you receive it as an outcome card, success is virtually promised.
Anywhere you receive the Sun card in your tarot reading, it literally shifts the energy of the reading, so that even cards of challenge will turn out well in the end. It can lessen the severity of trials as well. This is a very positive stage in your life and indicates taking steps toward realizing your goals!
Notice the child upon the horse isn’t using a saddle to maintain balance and is guiding the horse simply using hand movements. This is connection between the mind and body. Or you could look at this like the understanding of spiritual laws of the Universe and the ability to manifest on this physical plane.
Karmic Number 19- Combing 1, which is new beginning, with 9 which is endings. It represents finishing off projects, winding them up to start afresh! You may even be bringing some karmic endings in this lifetime or during your reading to a conclusion.
Person: Father or Paternal, Brotherly Love and Cosmic Father.
The corresponding Rune is Sowulo
Animals: Hummingbird, Horse, Dove, Butterfly
Color: Yellow
Herb: Angelica- a stimulant which promotes circulation.

The Hebrew letter is Resh meaning “face” or “countenance” turned toward the light.
This is being in a state of gratefulness.
Gary Zukov in The Seat of the Soul states: “What you feel, what you think, how yu behave, what you value and how you live your life reflects the way that you are shaping the Light that is flowing through you.
At this point in the tarot deck, you’ve learned much and have been operating more from a state of awareness even through your trials. When you get the Sun card in a reading the blind spots in your life are being illuminated.
When you reach the 19th portal in the tarot, your consciousness is reflecting the Sun and the vibrations of your personal atmosphere are reflecting it’s light. You have begun reorganizing the structures of your body. Your can look honestly at your faults with a more detached perspective.
At this point you have reached the Fifth Level of Spiritual Unfoldment or what the ancients called Regeneration. It’s a rebirthing process when on this part of our journey, our consciousness shifts again.
We now know that what we think does indeed matter, as we’re co-creators, Magicians in this life. We can draw the energies we want and nurture them. We are working toward self-mastery.
Sun meaning in a reading;
Awareness of your blessings.
Innocence, optimism.
If you’re asking a yes or no question of the tarot, this is a “yes”.
A general aura of happiness.
Nurturing encounters.
The inner child comes out to play.
Attainment of body/mind harmony.
Knowledge with compassion, the persona shines.
I personally don’t like to use the tarot with reversed meanings as there are plenty of cards to cover what’s going on in your life without a reversed card. Never the less there are times a card with flip over showing to me that there is a weakness in that area. It can also signify more work to be done in that situation, or delay.
The Sun reversed meaning can mean that you are erecting a rigid and confining structure in your life. Also discontented with your situation. Of course the opposite of illumination is ignorance of the facts and your impressions not being correct. Since the Sun card represents the heart, it can be hiding your inner light, blockage in emotions, lack of drive, limited outlook, unenthusiastic and unfinished business.

Always be happy when you see The Sun appear in your reading and know that despite what’s going on at the time, the Universe is working with you to shed light in your life. You are ready to accept a more positive outcome!

Jeannie Irwin is an Astrologer, Author, Lover of life, Mars in Leo, Baker of fine etibles!
You can join her on Facebook Page: AstroPsychic
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