Welcome to the hidden realms- Astro transit for Thursday 11/3/16


Astro transit chart Thursday November 3, 2016 overriding vibrations of the planets
Scorpio Sun sextiles Capricorn Pluto: We are happily able to make changes in our immediate environments at this time. Superficial thinking won’t get us anymore, as we reach to investigate a deeper meaning behind our lives. Great day for occult practices, studying psychology, yoga or other personal transformation tools.

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Uranus: You tend to crave something that veer’s from the routine today and gives you emotional and psychological excitement! Be careful not to act to impulsively. I love how Uranus can propel the needed changes in our lives at such speed that we’re not even aware we’ve made the decisions until after the ashes settle! You may receive and unexpected surprise today as the electricity of Uranus stimulates the air.

Scorpio Mercury sextile Pluto: Can you figure out the puzzle? This transit awakes you to a deeper purpose in life, but the mystery lies beneath the surface of usual answers. You may have to scrutinize and examine everything around you before finding the missing puzzle piece.

Scorpio Mercury trine Pisces Neptune: We want to discuss the paranormal, subtle realms of our world, and how can we help it? After all we’re being bombarded by a constant influx of spiritual guests, Uranian insights, ghostly haunting and psychic visions! And you thought Halloween was over! HA! This transit makes it quite easy to absorb oneself into poetry, traveling in the mind, meditation, spiritual and occult studies, astrology, or tarot readings. You will find through out this astro transit chart that we are being bombarded by the spiritual, and because we are open to receiving these signals we also become more sympathetic to others moods.

Capricorn Mars squares Aries Uranus: We’re even more erratic and impulsive with this combo! You really can’t hang with restrictions and limitations at this time. This impulse from Uranus gives us new creative ways to renew our lives so that it doesn’t get stale! It would be the best idea to create an ongoing change in your life rather than wait for the mood to strike, usually when you’re fed up and can’t think straight! Be aware that during this transit, those who pose limitations and restrictions upon you may become the impetus that strikes at your core and angers you in new ways. Don’t hate the messenger, they are merely opening you to the understanding that your life has become stale in these ways, and you need a change. If you don’t allow some change to happen, you are likely to experience this transit as explosive anger issues.

Sagittarius Venus trine Aries Uranus: Try something different today, you’re probably bored with routine anyway! You might meet someone quite unique today. Listen to different music, view modern art, and expect some excitement. We truly value that which is unusual at this time and so exposing yourself to new thoughts, beliefs and situations can be enlightening.

Libra Jupiter sextile Sagittarius Saturn: Saturn likes to slow us down, hesitate before making a concrete decision and filter everything through a careful and studied approach. You should be thankful for a little reality check with this transit or all the Uranian influence could have you moving to parts unknown. This aspect keeps us in check, being neither too idealistic nor excessively conservative. We’re aware of our duties, obligations and limitations and understand that those things can help us achieve a wisdom and maturity. Never the less, we’re not responsible for everyone else’s obligations. We understand the heaviness of life and are willing to shoulder some of the work load to help our brothers and sisters, but we needn’t take away it all. We tend to understand frugality on a whole new level, either because we’ve been put in that position financially or just inherently it becomes a personal lesson of importance. We don’t want to waste food, or money but rather find it balance beautiful in our lives. Knowing when to push your plate away during one of the many holiday dinners you sit down to, will pay huge dividends later. We are learning as a people about the just right amount sort of like Goldilocks and the three bears.
Some of you may experience this transit as new freedoms from restrictions, maybe a change of job, residence or a break up of a long relationship. IF this is the case for you, then at this time you will expand your life and find new freedom and in the meantime you’ll find every excuse to seize opportunities to build new structures.

Scorpio Sun trine Pisces Neptune: Our inner idealistic side is inspired by this transit as we We are more open to the subtle realms at this time, and may experience increased psychic perceptions, intuition heightens, seeing beyond the veil, clairvoyance and ESP. You may have a flash of insight or as I’ve experienced begin seeing those who have passed over. Yesterday while shopping I saw a lady with a dog in her cart. When I turned back around, there was no dog. I questioned if I should mention this, knowing this was obviously a pet that had passed over but living in the Ozark mountains where Christianity is a mainstay, I didn’t want to offend anyone. Eventually I walked to my car only to notice the lady loading her car one space over. My que, and asked if she minded that I asked her something personal, which opened up a message from her dearly departed Odie, a black  mixed puddle. I am glad to be able to use my gifts. Be open to new experiences during this transit with the spiritual and metaphysical realms. A good time to connect with departed loved ones.

Sagittarius Saturn square Pisces Neptune: Most of us are experiencing a bit of confusion during this transit, with our objectives unclear. You may even feel like life’s doled you out a bad hand. So, that circumstances are almost constructed in such a way that you can’t seem to overcome the obstacles. Many people feel disappointment on a deep visceral level, and the danger lies in this type of negative thinking. A pessimistic attitude draws more negativity to you and in turn, you view things, even gifts, from a negative standpoint. This substantiates the reason why you definitely should spend some time in meditation and reflection. Allow your spirit guides to connect and your higher self to find the answers you’re looking for at this time.


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Pluto squares Aries Uranus: Death and regeneration combines with Uranian sudden change and we get the reward of total revolution in our lives! Pluto is working deep in the recesses or our psyche, where only those unafraid to delve dare to venture. Certain structures are being replaced with new and sudden changes in your life. There is a building point/ shift in humanity at this time, almost like the steam that billows out before the huge eruption of a volcano. You may have seen evidence of this in your life with how you handle stress and oppositions. We want our individual opinions to be respected, the freedom to express our uniqueness and the opportunity to change areas in our lives, and world where things have grown stagnate and outdated. Personal freedom tops the charts for the world. There will be new inventions to spread our collective ideas in a more rapid way as time concludes the year of 2016. We want a world for the people, by the people!

Pluto squares Libra Jupiter: Jupiter expands every planet it touches. In this case we as a people become more expansive in our ability to morph and change, to revolutionize our world and atmosphere and strive for higher goals as a world. We want to restore what we feel we lost that we view took so long to gain, personal strength and justice! But, if we don’t follow the right course in achieving this objective those involved will find themselves in lawsuits. We are looking forward to a beautiful and harmonious future world where all religion is accepted, but I’m under no false illusion that this is happening anytime soon.

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