Freedom to be You! Shine forth your Crazy beautiful! 10/17/16


Monday October 17, 2016
Major aspects T square
Overall some of you may feel that the dam is about to break. You can’t handle the pressure of the constant barrage of problems any longer. This is a transit, take heart! We have a t-square which is forcing us to learn the lessons that in the past we shrugged off. But, if you face the music and begin to adjust, you will have a bright future to look forward to. We are all going through Universal changes, as we want freedom of expression and freedom of beliefs. We no longer want to be stuck in a proverbial closet but we want to explore the world and be ourselves doing it. We’ve hidden the best aspects of ourselves to please partners, parents and bosses and now it’s time to appreciate our uniqueness. We’ve walked into the dark alley of our soul while Venus was in Scorpio and gazed into the forbidden mirror, that one which reflected the darkest shadow sides of ourselves and we came out loving it! We need to take off the mask, the pretend face we show to others and allow our inner crazy beautiful to shine forth!
You may be experiencing sudden changes in your life, some good and some bad, but you are learning to cope with the reality of what is. Dreams can become a reality with a little hard work and elbow grease. Watch out for ego driven angry outbursts, fighting against the flow and blind rage. Be open to exploring new territory in your life, relationships and beliefs. Expect the structures of the world to change in ways you never imagined and don’t tie yourself down to a rigid routine at this time. Be flexible and able to move with the tide!
Breaking down a few of these transits below:

Libra Sun square Capricorn Mars : Mars gives us a unhealthy dose of super charged ego, and we feel the need to be right, have our way and impose our rules and regulations on others. We can feel quite impulsive and out of balance. If we have unchecked anger issues, this aspect might spark them off. Mars in Capricorn can make us feel headstrong, obstinate, hot blooded, sexy, and commanding. We tend to have a magnetic appeal. But, as Libra Sun squares the ego driven Mars, the diplomacy of Libra gets flipped into competitive and inconsiderate behavior. Romantic relationships can quarrel over sex, or values. If your relationship has pent up sexual tension this could be the last straw. One way to channel this energy is into a physical act, but be careful, over exerting yourself is quite common with this transit, which could lead to illness or injuries!
Capricorn Mars squares Aries Uranus: When Mars is involved there’s sure to be some part of our ego at stake. The Mars Uranus square brings us a strong desire for freedom at any cost. We are all affected by our current cultural, political and economic challenges. There are those who desire change at such a degree that they are blind to any good advice, so ego driven in their own ideas, and unwilling to compromise. People feel a constant restlessness . Mars Uranus square feels as if the world as a whole is experiencing an adolescent stage. You remember when you couldn’t wait to be driving alone, just the freedom of going where you wanted without constant supervision. Some teens rebel against their parents and this is a similar feeling, with the population at large feeling a need to rebel and revolt against the authorities that be. This building of pressure has an emotional explosive quality, where people blow up in an angry rage for seemingly no reason. You may find yourself interpreting everything on a very personal level at this time. If you find yourself losing it, then notice these outbursts as signs from the Universe that you desperately require creative change in your life.

Libra Sun oppose Aries Uranus: We are being forced to encounter new aspects of our relationships when Libra Sun oppose Aries Uranus. A major altercation can arise over a pet peeve, then again you may open yourself up to an entirely new area with your partner. Expect the unexpected anytime that Uranus is involved. I like to think of Uranus as unexpected, sudden, creative and inventive. Unlike the death and rebirth we experience with Pluto, Uranus transits always have to deal with the unusual. As long as we’re willing to accept the new that Uranus has to offer, then the transit can prove to be beneficial. But, if you’re the kind of person who loves their tried and true schedule or routine, Uranus is sure to bound in and mess it up! Sun square Uranus is a good transit to figure out what it is that’s making you feel restless, find your answer and go after it!

Freedom by George Michael

Venus goes into Sagittarius in under 12 hours. Venus in Sagittarius, we value our freedom of belief and philosophy. Sagittarius asks us to take a few risks to move forward in our lives. Although we’re not interested in abandoning our freedom for love, we are likely to meet someone and make out in a public bathroom! We value expansive, all incompassing relationshps. We long for passion in and out of the bedroom. We have just spent the last 20 or so days with the intensity of Venus in Scorpio. We put our love and sex on a spiritual level. We wanted to know our lovers deepest darkest secrets and more than that, live as one soul. We were asked to look at the deepest parts of ourselves, and integrate our shadow sides with who we are. We needed to find out that who we are at our core is a worthy being. Now, we have graduated to Venus in Sagittarius we need to feel optimistic about our lives again.

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Magical Day:
Monday: Colors- White, silver, grey or pearl
Spells: Health, Wealth, success, career, goals, or ambition, personal finances.

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