Astrology Transit Thursday October 13, 2016

Astro transit October 13, 2016
1. Mercury in Libra is fabulous for thinking in terms of pro’s and con’s. It helps you to look at both sides of a situation and also view other people’s perspectives as when making a decision you’ll weigh in all the factors. This is a time when you want to make the perfect choice, therefore you might tend to back off making a decision and just wait and see. No one wants to fail. But, the truth is that your answer is within you. Follow your Intuition which may come in bursts or flashes of insight. At this time you’ll feel a need to socialize and go with the flow, not wanting to rock the boat, even if you privately disagree with situations.
Jupiter in Libra: You have a eye for beauty and art. Musicians and artists do well under this transit. We want to be entertained and feel most relaxed and happy in places where we’re free to create. Jupiter in Libra highlights our partnerships, and depending on where Jupiter is in your chart, it could even bring you wealth.
Libra Jupiter conjunct Mercury: You vision broadens under this transit, giving you an ability to perceive both the particulars and generalities of life’s situations. Because of this, you tend to feel optimistic about your future.  Spiritual,philosophical and occult matters take a more prominent position in your life.  Mercury/Jupiter combo boosts your foresight making this the right time to plan for your future. Do make sure and slow down occasionally, both to smell the roses and let the energy of your plans marinate. Also, remember to be specific, as this big picture thinking can have you speeding past something important. Favors:  learning, studying, taking a course, or going back to school and positive interactions with others.
2. Libra Mercury oppose Capricorn Mars: You have a pretty good grasp right now on what you want but Mars like’s to push his ego driven agenda. This is a hot controlled burn! Mars feels propels us forward but Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, slows us down. Major flair ups can result when you bottle nitro! Because of this corked pressure, most people tend to be a bit more irritable, especially regarding work ethics. Everyone thinks they know what’s right. Our personal ego’s take a hit when the co-worker tells you, something you’ve been doing forever is wrong. Suppressed rage could cause people to drive erratically and so be careful on the road. For others, this combo can cause stomach irritation as frustration mounts and we feel we have no release. Expect this transits affect till October 19th. Unfavorable: Not a good time to approach a boss or authority figure with personal ideas or projects. Be careful when driving.
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3. Mercury Sextile Saturn- Relief point: This is a good time to take the critical look at what needs to be changed: Partnerships, old structures, belief systems are a few.  An outmoded childhood belief may need to be tossed.  Today you’re able to find some good in everything, with the flaws visible. You’re thought processes are precise, on point and accurate. A mentor, or wise friend could be of good council today. This aspect helps to balance out big picture thinking by adding a lot of details. Just don’t get bogged down in them. Balance is the key! If you sway to far one way,  You might miss the forest for the trees.  Keep your mind steady, think realistically, stay grounded. Remember to ground daily, and often. Use this precise thinking to get organized at work, home and even within!  Favors: studying science, math, business, and engineering, as well as philosophy and belief systems of other cultures. Also, favors forming a serious contract and partnership agreements.
Use this transit: You will do well writing term papers, articles and reports. New opportunities can come through professional groups, travel. You’re more likely to communicate with siblings, co-workers, and friends. Relationships with old friends tend to  be re-established. This transit also may bring an older person into your life to give needed advice. Make sure and find time to keep things light in such a serious mood.
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4.Capricorn Pluto squares Aries Uranus: Now is the time to sweep  away all outworn and dated structures that you’ve built into your life. Just as the leaves on the tree’s begin to die, you will experience sudden death and regeneration in some area of your life. But, as with the leaves, which fall to the ground giving shelter to animals and food for the earth, you will see a new life! This death of outmoded ways can create a total revolution within your life. Pluto’s ways represent slow and deep rooted changes which means that this “sudden change” has been in the makes for awhile. Aries Uranus makes contacts with Pluto, igniting the change into action.  It might seem as if you suddenly did an about face. Whatever passes from your life will leave you with a certainty that a powerful force is emerging in your life. Squares are doorways, portals, albeit challenges in your life, they give us drive and impetus to move forward. Find out where the Pluto Uranus square is in your chart to see where the sudden changes will take place.
5. Major Relief Point- Capricorn Pluto sextile Pisces Moon- Thank goddess you have this transit to help. You have great psychic impressions now as this bubbles in the cauldron. Sextiles are the bread and butter that keeps our background nice and friendly. Pluto Moon sextile expands your everyday awareness bridging daily occurrences with their long range significance. You get to use the best of both of these transits, the psychic, intuitive Pisces moon with the deep, life changing capabilities of Pluto Capricorn.  You’ll notice this transit arouses  deep feelings and brings them to the surface to be worked through. Luckily, your spirit guides, intuition, and a host of other great attributes are there to give you the ability to work through this! You will learn profound truths during this time, and because of this new mindset, you’ll be more attracted to deep and moving relationships. profound in relationships not the superficial. You are now ready to deal with the issues underlying any relationship problems.
Relief Point: Sag Saturn trine Aries Uranus: Amazing scientific breakthroughs and creative inventions is how this energy can best be channeled. Friends, groups, and organizations  can help play a part in realizing your goals. Favors intuitive guidance received on universal occult laws and principals. You can step up now to organize and lead a group. When bettering your business, use this transit to think outside the box and get inspired with new technology.
Love Life: Scorpio Venus: We desire an all consuming love with this transit, as there’s a profound intensity to your emotions. We long to have our sex life be strong and demonstrative. If we could, we’d live in our lovers body, but the next best thing is to totally possess them. As you know this isn’t a positive way to express Venus Scorpio. Spend some in depth time with your lover in sensual caress or delving into their darkest secrets, just be sure to share yours as well!
The Impala and The Moon
October 15, 2016 Full Hunter’s Moon!

Full Moon Full Hunter’s Moon-  October 15th!
Todays Moon is in Pisces.
Magical Correspondence Day: Thursday- Norse Thors Day.
Ruler: Jupiter, planet of luck, finances, philosophy and wisdom.
Favors: Self Improvement, wealth, prosperity, travel, expansion and logic spells.
Colors: Metallic colors, blue

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