AstroTransit October 3, 2016- Magical ability to suceed!


Astro Transit Monday Oct 3, 2016
Libra Sun 10* square Capricorn Pluto: Power struggles in relationships, joint finances, aggressive sexual behavior and jealousy are all possible. Tendency to be unsympathetic to partners and children. Libra Sun causes us to need people and to understand our relationships, and learn cooperation. We need to understand the balance between individual and society, between passion and intellect. In Libra we are in the doing mode, surprisingly strong willed, and wit and charm will help you succeed faster than cold hard blunt truth at times. At this time we’re drawn to good manners and diplomacy, with all the accruement of social grace. But Pluto in Capricorn is all business with gut wrenching truth. We are forced to look at our limitations and recreate structure out of chaos. We’re in the extreme process of extricating our deepest darkest fears and taking out the proverbial “trash” of our life when along comes Libra Sun, sending us signals of balance, propriety and balanced emotion. There’s nothing balanced about digging through your past and re-inventing yourself from the inside out. Libra dares us to find the beauty in our darkness, and appreciate all things in a symbiotic balance of flow.


Working and progress
Libra Sun 10* sextile Sagittarius Saturn 11*: Thank goddess for Saturn’s ability to help us have a more mature attitude about this all. Saturn brings an enhanced download of structure and form into our lives. When Saturn sextiles the Sun, you might expect relationships with those in authority to take on more stable ground. If you operate from a place of dignity you may gain position of authority at your job or in a group. Saturn in Sagittarius is the access point to find a way out of the t-square between Virgo North Node and Pisces South Node. We might all want tangible results with Virgo North Node and are aware of the work involved but Saturn shows us how to work withing the confines and perimeters of our actual life.
Scorpio Moon: A powerful lunar Sign. Lunar Scorpio’s hide their true feelings and intense emotions. There is a need for control when Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet takes charge. A lunar Scorpio could be insainly jealous and hide behind a calm, cool exterior while they secretly spy on you’re every move. They are extremely sensual creatures and this power exudes off of them in waves that affect even the most icy personalities. They will commit to memory every nuance that touches and inspires you, but beware, that memory can be deadly as well. Never hurt a Lunar Scorpio, they’re likely to brood and sulk over it for much longer than they let you know. Truth is the best policy if you do, just fess up your total inadequacy and honestly apologize. They understand that we’re all human and will grant you forgiveness much quicker with this approach.
Lunar Scorpio’s are tenacious and determined in spite, or more appropriately, I should say, To spite difficulties. It’s a fun game for a Lunar Scorpio to scoff at the hardships surrounding them and push successfully through to the other side while their competitors fall by the wayside. In fact, they are King and Queen of the wayside. They most always take the road less traveled to the truth, and know the every path around it. That means what you think, yes, Lunar Scorpios, could tell some whoppers if they choose to, but in essence they prefer the truth and like to live according to that truth. Intuition is second nature, especially when understanding themselves. They get who they are and usually will let you know in a straight forward manner. Some believe that Lunar Scorpios possess a secret that causes them pain and distress whether it be health or otherwise. If you are one of these Lunar Scorpio’s your best bet is to channel the energy into spiritualism instead of escapism. We all know how deep you are, just don’t get lost in the caverns and tunnels of your mind. You probably enjoy fantasy movies such as L.O.T.R. , playing games such as D&D, magick/witchcraft, and sexual games. Once more there’s not fairness to your ability to attract and seduce those around you. It’s that magical spark in your bedroom eyes that keep them coming back to hear what else you have to say but it’s your inability to see your own prowess that keeps people hanging around. They’re usually shocked that someone of your provocative nature can be so unassuming. You’re not truly aware of the vibes you’re sending it, you’d probably say, “It’s just me being me, or this is how I am.” If you’re a Lunar Scorpio with a Sun Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), this Moon Sign gives you creativity and a gift for making your dreams a reality, you may possess a great talent in acting. If your Sun Sign is in Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you have great leadership abilities and management. If your Sun Sign is Fire (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) this combo gives you a compelling personality, maybe an old soul, wisdom, and a drive for success. Lastly if your Sun Sign is Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you possess deep mental powers, an ability to captive the public with your charm and wit and genuine inventiveness.

People born with Scorpio Moon: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Katy Perry (Scorpio Sun& Moon), Alan Rickman (Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon)!
Alfred Hitchcock, Nelson Rockefeller, Elizabeth Taylor,
Clean out your closets, improve your relationships!
Scorpio Moon 10* sextiles Virgo North Node 12* We may understand more the mood of the public at large, fads and trends.


Will to succeed!
At times you may feel that the search to find the gold of who you are is like Bilbo Baggins sliding down the mountain of gold that Smaug protects. You know that what you search for is within but it seems to be guarded oh so well.

Scorpio Moon 10* sextiles Capricorn Pluto 14*: Pluto gives us that extra punch of willpower so we can rid ourselves of that which we resisted relinquishing. Areas that can be overhauled include but are not limited to; Joint Finances, Home Improvement, Intimate Relationships, Cooperate Business, and Family Relations. This is a fabulous time to improve your eating habits and do some cleansing rituals. Wade through areas in your home that seems stacked, cluttered, or unused, and use Pluto strength to throw away that which doesn’t serve your higher purpose. Scorpio brings our intuition into alignment to find the answers we’ve been seeking. Hidden away in the darkest recesses of our mind is the key, and Pluto steps up with the power to harness the energy of your past and transform it for the future.

If you’ve never tried to contact your guides, or ancestors, you may feel like Oda Mae Brown in the movie Ghost, a complete farse. She was “playing” all her clients until Patrick Swayze’s character enters the picture and she truly does make contact!
Scorpio Moon 10* trine Pisces Neptune 9*: This is a magical combination granting us the ability to contact other realms, see the truth beyond the illusion or veil and know that our intuition is spot on. We have spiritual reserve that can be brought into the play book and used to further our magical talents now. Use your intuition to cast a spell, speak to your ancestors or divine your future. It is now that we finally understand the workings of our subconscious and how it plays a part in our daily life. If you’ve never tried to contact your guides, or ancestors, you may feel like Oda Mae Brown in the movie Ghost, a complete farse. She was “playing” all her clients until Patrick Swayze’s character enters the picture and she truly does make contact! This enables you to overcome negative thought patterns that have haunted you for so long because Neptune enchances your intuitive guidance. This is a great time to go into meditation and ask your guides to lead you in self exploration. We are more compassionate to ourselves and others at this time. Neptune also enhances musical and artistic expression. So, you could use this time if you possess these talents to do a spiritual painting or create new magical songs. Never forget that the Moon always and in some way affects our home life, and in this combination, we want a beautiful, mystic and peaceful abode. Favored is working with Astrology, channeling, ESP, Mediation, Artistic/Musical Creation, and Family involved Mystic activities.Have a great week!
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