Reinvent yourself!, Astro transit Monday 9-19-16

Astro Transit for Monday, 9-19-16
Earth Grand trine  kite tonight! Grand Trines in Astrology are considered beneficial, good luck, stable and flowing energy. When I began writing Astrology reports I looked for Grand Trine’s, hoped for them, waited for the transits and thought everything revolved around them. Then I found out the real truth. They’re kind of like a car without an engine rolling down hill.  They flow so easily that the “gift” of the trine may flow right past you before you even notice it, and it’s been my experience that this happens a lot with most people I know. It’s the challenges (squares) in our life that give us drive and control over the car!
So, what is the gift of this Grand Trine Kite tonight? Moon/Mercury/Pluto/Neptune combo.
We lack our usual nervous energy that keeps us quiet and we have an increased appetite for passionate intensity. Sex takes on a spiritual level because we open up our true selves to our partners.   We want the rich and savory gut level honest relationship that draws us like magnets and propels the sexual urgency. We’re ready to explore conversations that go beyond the usual superficial diatribe and connect on much deeper levels with our lovers. What you say tonight will have a great impact!
The gift is seeing the particulars in our environment that we need to change in order to make our life run more smoothly. We’re able to overcome some of our negative emotional habits during this transit with Mercury/Pluto’s extra punch of insight. We see the patterns of our past emotional conditions and how we rid our life of what doesn’t work.  Use this transit to start a new health regime, diet, fast, renovate your home, or reinvent yourself. Whatever area you pick, a positive change is needed. Mercury adds light your path, and finally you can see what needs to be done.
(Pluto trine Moon) digs deep in our discovery. We want to know what underlies it all, and so we’re irritated by superficial meanderings. This draws intense connections with others, and you may meet someone who has a great impact on your life. Your on a soul discovery, with Increased psychic impulses, insights into the laws of nature, delving into parapsychology, and scientific studies. The hidden mysteries are open for us to learn more.
Point of the kite, Pisces Neptune is our spiritual nature, and our ideals. If we simply follow the sensitivity that Neptune imparts during this time, and connect with out spiritual guides, things will flow.
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