Astro transit- Sunday, 9/18/16, activity works!


Good Sunday morning my lovelies. How was your Full Pisces Lunar Eclipse?  Most of my day was spent with that gorgeous Moon opposing my natal Moon, so Fridays blog went awry.

Today, we have an active Moon in Aries trine Sagittarius Mars. You may feel more enthusiastic about what you want.  Most of you will experienced increased energy, but especially sremming from your heart. A challenging aspect would be for those who have Mars between 20-30 degrees in Gemini, which increases aggrevation in communication or battles over joint finances. But, overall this is a positive Mars/Moon influence today.


It’s a great day to start new projects that don’t take a lot of time. You may be low on patience but high on initiative.  Home diy projects work well for Aries Moon such as a family day project that incorporates everyone, maybe a room make-over. Couples enjoy an extra boost of chemistry and passion but watch out for your emotional responses. Mars takes what he wants, but today his  emotional instincts are driving the chariot.  For some this translates as a push to get what you desire at any cost. Watch those tempers, take a few deep breaths and keep funneling those exciting emotions into physical actions.


We’re less timid under this transit and more straightforward with our emotions. Even a person who’s usually shy might come out of their she’ll and express something to you.  If handled correctly it’s a good time to release pent up emotions without  dire consequences. Favored= There’s a strong pull to work with women which would help you accomplish much.


Magical Day: Sunday.                                                     Wear.: Yellow, gold or orange to work with Sun energies.                                                                             Spellwork: health, advancement, children, promotion, the God, drama, fun, crops, totem animals.

Jeannie is a astro witch, creative author, & Aquarius rising.                                                                Facebook @Astropsychicwytch.                       







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