Don’t lose your spark of madness-follow the light of the Sun! Astro transit 9/15/16


Tomorrow is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of the fish, and so it symbolizes religion or spirituality, sensitivity, and compassion. People who are born with Moon in Pisces see things from an idealistic point of view. Their first inclination to stimuli is  interpreting things as they’d like to see them.


Harry Potter’s character Luna Lovegood puts on special glasses to see the “nargles. She was a bit odd, but loveable. When she puts the glasses on reality takes on a hazy shade but she’s able to see these invisible “nargles”.


They can’t be defined by societies personal limits or time  constraints. Pisces see’s all of us as a part of each other, all being one. In fact most of them are quite empathic, suffering the pain of others.


Pisces Moon has this ability to see beyond the veil of our 3D reality into the otherworld, but their perspective distorts the reality of here and now. They are the dreamers, poets, and the incurable optimists. They’re also compassionate, intuitive, and live in an alternate universe.


The Moon in Virgo is the opposing Moon Sign. People born with Moon in Virgo are intelligent, practical and respond to stimuli by analyzing everything. They enjoy the here and now while meticulously sifting through information and situations.  Then they question everything that’s told to them.  Most of them won’t even believe something  when they see it with their own eyes. Virgo Moon’s are in a constant state of personal work, whether through physical, mental or emotional. |
Virgo doesn’t see through rose colored glasses but has a practical realism. They have an innate knack to problem solver always adding a precise touch to all they do. They don’t take things for granted except their gifts or talents. Being innately modest in nature, it’s hard to accept any credit even when it’s due them. They are very aware of their imperfections.  Logic is the discipline they live by and they  find it frustrating to deal with illogical minds/situations.

My epiphany this morning was how my Virgo Moon affected my upbringing. First of all, I am the “doubting Thomas”  with my family standing on the water calling out for me to “come, believe, walk on water.” Meanwhile I was in the metaphorical reality boat, truly thinking they were missing the boat.  I questioned a “god” who’d create a diverse world just to send them to hell if the  “missionaries” didn’t spread the word of “salvation”.


As a kid I believed Buddha, or any other “god” was just another facet or name of the same “god”.  Where they saw as rebellion, I saw unconventional, unorthodox and exceptional understanding. Even at that young age I was balancing my Virgo/Pisces Moon sign; an all encompassing, reality driven, expansive believing spiritualist. The truth is,  oppositions are axis points on which we balance in our charts. Most people move back and forth in the spectrum.
This truly came to bare out when I  realized I was psychic. I struggled with visions of the future, dreams of inventions, channeling other spirits, without any absolute proof or scientific data to back up my visions or impressions. My modesty isn’t a front, and every time someone would comment about how a premonition/dream/channeling I foretold came to pass, I’d chuck it up to good luck.


I tried to deny my gifts as not based in reality and there’s nothing worse than a Virgo Moon thinking they may be duped by themselves or others into a false sense of reality. Slowly I accepted my gifts as part of the spectrum of my balanced Moon sign. On heavy transit days, I can be found lost in a surreal ghostly dimension, feeling compassion for the world,  spirit contact on every level, and psychic gifts at their height. When in the opposite end of that spectrum, my doubting side, the side that keeps me nailed to this reality, i doubt my gifts and get lost in the practical applications of everyday living. So, you can see, balance is essential to living a full life. There are things we can’t prove with our human senses but occasionally we’re given tidbits, showing us we’re not nutball crazypants!  I agree with Pisces Moon Robin Williams, “You’re only given a little spark of madness, don’t lose it!”

  • You’ll notice the quotes in first half of post are from Famous Pisces Moon Sign & in the second half, Famous Virgo Moon Signs!
    I’ll be putting out another post on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces soon!

Magical Day Thursday
planet: Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius)
Gods: Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, Odin
Element: Fire
Wear Blue and purple for inspired, expansive thinking and good luck.
carry crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Citrine,
Herbs: Dandelion, Sage     Essential oils: Cedar,
Spices: Cinnamon, Anise
Spellwork: Financial increase, ambition, health, male fertility, writing/publishing, expansion, luck and growth.
Jeannie is a Virgo Moon, Astro-Psychic, intuitive-practical dreamer with a perchance to burn brownies!
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