Simplify Wednesday! Astro transit 9-14-16. Happy Woden’s Day!


Wednesday-Plan a strategy, note your calendar, Don’t Gossip-
Virgo Sun/Mercury usually gives us loads of conversations and getting things done but with Mercury Rx be careful what you say and any gossip you may overhear. Gossip is a game that everyone loses.  You may give or receive mixed messages from others so don’t make any firm decisions based on the info you get today! The best way to use this transit is with Inner soul conversations.  It’s a good day for planning the next  practical steps into the change you’re making, whether in work, self, health or diet. The unique surge of energy into your personal beliefs/ philosophies (Saturn/Mars trine) may spur you on to enact a drastic change. So, its a good time to work out the particulars of what you want in your life.   Although at times the (Mercury/Neptune square) brings thoughts  fraught with “pie in the sky” daydreams and over idealizing someone or something, try to remain grounded in the here and now.  Don’t push your agenda.  If you remain rooted in the real world, this is a great day to connect with mystic or spiritual subjects as Pisces Neptune gets us in touch with our spiritual side.


Moon/Venus: Unique Romantic Rendezvous, Adventurous outings, Socializing.

Miss Aquarius Moon is abroad at a love/peace conference. Our Conversations are electric and heart felt when Miss Aquarius Moon trines Libra Venus. Our emotions are heightened and yet somewhat balanced in this combo. We tend to intellectualize our emotions and have some very innovative ideas to express to our social groups. Long standing love relationships share an easy flow of emotions but this isn’t a stable effect in which to meet a new lover.  We find ourselves more animated and fun loving during this time.  The only problem is if you overindulge in some area of your life. Libra Venus longs for a beautiful balanced place of peace but that doesn’t mean you should become a doormat.


In our longing for a perfect life, sometimes we tend to overcomplicate what could otherwise be a beautiful moment. We frustrate and worry over every little detail when the truth is that the Universe has got your back.  Keep it simple. This holds especially true with the current Saturn/Neptune square: If you have personal planets within 5-15* Sagittarius or Pisces  you could be experiencing a complete state of inner disruption,  questioning everything you believe. One step at a time, the next step your taking, might seem entirely too simple but it will keep your nose clean.  Your philosophical viewpoint on life (Saturn) is undergoing adjustments, in some areas expanding, in other areas, dissolving long standing illusion. We are learning lessons in these area’s.  Neptune (our ideals), what we want life to be is being challenged by Saturn. It’s best to make your life as smooth and uncomplicated as possible to deal with this transit. Hang on, and wait to make any permanent decisions. Don’t allow this aspect to push you into a negative tail spin.


Magical Day: Wednesday
Wear Purple and silver for connection to your ancestors, magical abilities and purity.  Go for healing or attunement. Be careful with neighbors and siblings, watch what you say.
Work spells for: Communication,  intelligence, wisdom, healing, being hired, creativity, writing and memory.
Herbs: Lavender, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Sweetpea
Meditate on answers for questions regarding siblings, neighbors, and small groups.
Plan your magical work to take place on the Full Moon.
Seek the Tarot, Runes, Bones, or Astrology for ways to improve your magick.
Crystals: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Moss Agate, Sodalite
Meditate on awakening your higher purpose!

Lunar Eclipse-Full  Moon in Pisces Friday!

Jeannie is an astrologer, author, psychic & gourmet foodie.
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