Happy Birthday Aquarius Moon’s!


Aquarius Moon’s are rational thinkers, humanitarian, with altruistic concerns. You’re perception of the world at large and their needs is clear. Although your perceptions go through a scientific sieve, you remain open minded. You have a progressive outlook and are tolerant of other’s points of view. You have a fabulous gift of expression, as a witty conversationalist, and a unique sense of humor. You’re friendliness compels all you meet, especially since you’re so inclined to give out advice without getting ensnared in the emotional side of the person’s problems. You usually shine in mathematics and science, as well as art, literature and music. You love to learn about the unknown, and may seem to be clairvoyant because you tend to see things before they happen. You’re visionary, and see things in large concepts, but you change so rapidly it’s hard to maintain singular focus on one of your many interests. You might be a romantic at heart but you can’t stand jealous lovers and seem to be more attracted to those who don’t need you. You’re independence is as legendary as your intelligence. You can at times stick stubbornly to an opinion, if for no other reason than to never let anyone see you change your standpoint!
You’re sociable, a delightful companion and people oriented with a unique human compassion about you.

Famous People with Aquarius Moon:
Woody Allen,
George Gershwin
Timothy Leary
John Lennon
Sophia Loren
Marilyn Monroe
William Butler Yeats


Jeannie is an author, psychic, astrologer, gourmet foodie
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