Waiting on the prosperity Jam! Sunday Astro Transit, Sept 11, 2016! Plus Prosperity Spell!

Astro Transit Chart Sunday September 11, 2016
Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto:
Planting the seed for tomorrows harvest!
Immortalization,  Introspection, Self examination, Self criticism, Self demanding
Since it’s apple pickin’ time, I like to think of this as harvesting some of your apples and making jam or pie jars, there’s a lot of work involved with this. I can see my Mom with a kerchief on her head, wiping her brow from the heat in our country kitchen. No air conditioning! The big pot on the stove was bubbling like a cauldron and she’d process apples by cooking in another pot on the stove, then clean and sterilize the jars and fill them with the gooey delicious apple potions. But, we couldn’t eat this right away, oh heck no! We had to wait for anything “canned” -strange word, because it’s in jars, to sit, pickle or seep into it’s juices before enjoying it!
When my parents moved us out to the country, i wasn’t prepared for “root cellars” and “canning”. Neighbors would circulate in their old trucks down the dirt road, dropping off and exchanging fruit and vegetables. My Mother was an excellent canner? I guess that’s correct. She’d experiment occasionally with unique recipes but mostly it was tried and true fruit jams and pickled veggies or spiced nut relish. She immortalized her own pickle recipe and home canned tomatoes, which puts Hunts to shame.
Sunday was always family day. We spent time in the kitchen, around the table, and watching old movies. Those memories will stay with me forever. The seeds/standards they planted are of great value, as now I find myself passing them on to my children.  Today, is a great day for planting some interpersonal seeds with your partner/family. You can get to the seed of truth and allowing for deep expression. Capricorn rules the structures in our life, while Pluto rules death/rebirth or change/transformation. As you feed your self with a steady diet of discipline and new routines, Pluto helps by pruning away the weeds. You’re planting new habits(seeds) which can be developed in fertile ground. Again this is a slow process, but it will bring a harvest later! Kind of like waiting for that jam!
But, just like any normal kitchen…at least mine, I’m always out of something I need course it never happens before I start the recipe, as I’m sure I have the item but right in the middle. So, either I will use a substitute. I learned this from my Mom, truly the Queen Bee of kitchen substitution. “I know it calls for Veal, but I think hamburger will work, and instead of parmesan I’ll just use, Monterey jack.” Okay, I’d think to myself, now that’s not even the same dish! LOL!  But, sometimes the complete transformation gives you a completely new dish that you can add to your menu! And then there are times when you can’t even finish the dish…bummer!
One of the major issues for us right now, is we don’t have all the needed resources available to us. But, that’s what enables you to do some creative prosperity magick! It’s through your dreams and ambitions that you begin to build a foundation! It starts in our hearts desire, then moves into concrete manifestation. Capricorn ruled by Saturn, (structure/lessons) imposes a narrow focus while Pluto brings in complete transformation in one major area of your life, which like a pressure cooker can explosive.
Oh, and let me add that my daughter and I made a gingerbread loaf yesterday, but there were so many substitutions that I can’t even begin to tell you! The positive thing was learning what works with what we have and of course appreciating the fruits of our labor! The best part, time with her!

If you experience a financial, relationship, or health restrictions during this time remember to continue building new structures into your life.  It’s work and I know and none of us want to work on the weekend.  This Sunday, while my husband continues renovating our home in one room, and I’m writing in another, I can take heart that our work will bear the fruit. Know that what you’re working toward is worth the effort, and keep on keeping on….when the Jam’s done, we can all spread a little sweet love!

Magical Day: Sunday
Planet: Sun
Goddess: Brigid (illumination/inspiration)
God: Apollo (wealth/Prosperity)
Wear: Yellow for happiness, increase memory & learning, aids in concentration, persuasion, & imagination.
Jewelry: Diamonds, Quartz crystals, Amber
Spells/work: Work with Air Element or Solar Magick, spells for Charm, Inspiration, Happiness, Travel, Success.
Magical Plants: Marigold(scatter petals for prosperity), sunflowers in vase for (fame/ambition)
Kitchen Magick: Cinnamon(prosperity, scrying, love, comfort, protection)
Cloves (money, protection, warding, lies, gossip)
Sunflower seeds ( harvest, growth, rebirth, abundance, beginnings, confidence, leadership, loyalty, fertility, wealth)
Orange(love, health, happiness, fertility, weddings, wealth, clarity, alertness)

Cinnamon Kitchen Witch Cinnamon Prosperity Spell:
Bless your Sacred Space and Call your Ancestors or God/Goddess,
Invoke the Element Earth in the North Corner of your kitchen. Rub cinnamon oil along a gold or green candle while charging the candle with your magical attainment intent, place in North corner and light.  Bless a tiny jar of cinnamon on your altar to infuse with abundance. I personally always hold any item I’m using for magical cooking up to my God/Goddess and ask aloud for what you’d like their help with. You can intensity the spell by burning cinnamon or money incense near the candle. Place any random cash or change (solid silver coin)around the candle. Let burn all day or find the magical money correspondence for the hour that works best.
Now, here’s where it gets fun. After an hour of allowing the candle to burn, remove the solid silver coin and wash thoroughly while visualizing the water flowing abundance into the coin. Set aside.
Sprinkle some of your newly charged cinnamon onto your altar/plate giving to the God/Goddess with thankfulness for all they’ve given you. Now you’re ready to bake some magical cinnamon muffins, biscuits or quick bread for prosperity. Always remember that while you’re baking, your spell is rising and gaining in strength! Keep your intention flowing at all times.
Addition: You can either place the solid silver coin in your pocket to carry as a charm, rubbing it daily and infusing with the desire or place in a baked bread. Remember to warm any who might eat  the dish that it contains something metal so there’s not painful surprises!
Jeannie is a gourmet foodie, twinflame, astrologer, kitchen witch
Readings: http://jeannieirwin.yolasite.com
Facebook @AstroPsychic

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