Moon in Capricorn- no funny business, lol!

First Quarter (Waxing) Capricorn Moon
(Crisis in Action)
Key words: Constructing, Clearing, split second decisions, structures, formation, Action
First Quarter Moon is a time to push forward on what you want. If you’ve been working magic towards something, now’s the time to add a little extra punch.
62% illuminated
Magical Saturday: (Saturn)
Wear Black,
Magic Spells toward Binding, protection, manifestation, structure, obstacles
Vibrational Day Numerology 10/1:(ISIS/OSIRIS)
Keywords: Love and light, manifestation, creative power, leadership, individuality, independence, adaptability, success, originality, determination
Moon in Capricorn:
Day: Saturday
Element: Earth: good for grounding magic
Healing spells: teeth, bones, skin
Perfume: Wear Musk, lilac
Carry Onyx to ground and protect or other black crystal, such as tourmaline
Wear purple
Tree Planting in September Best Time: Hawthorn

Hawthorn Religion, Spirituality and Folklore
            Element:  Fire               Ruling Planet: Mars           Gender: Masculine

Part of the ancient and sacred triad of ‘Oak, Ash and Thorn’ the Hawthorn is a tree of magic and enchantment, though throughout the ages it has given very mixed messages of fertility and chastity.

Many experts claim that planting trees in fall is better. In fall, the tree can make new roots without having to feed the leaves. Water requirements are much lower without the leaves on the tree. To us it feels cool in fall, but that is actually the best temperature for root growth. Roots grow best in cool soil.

A fall planting allows the tree to grow roots in fall and again early spring before leaves develop. This gives the tree a good chance to lay down a good set of roots before they need to collect water and nutrients for the leaves.


Moon in Capricorn: You might find it hard today to express your emotions, but adding some structure to your day will make things go much easier. Although you might feel like your time is limited today I learned a long time ago that the more you plan into a day, the longer it seems to last. But, Capricorn loves to see things through to the end. It is a good time to finish or continue a project that you know will take a lot of patience. I told my kids today, keep working on your minecraft world, and I have an Autumn Throw that keeps getting longer. Just add in some humor when you can, because Capricorn Moon is a very sober experience for us all. We tend to gravitate toward more legalistic conversations and want things in order. Make sure you’re on time to any appointments today and keep the mood as light as you can. Because it’s a waxing moon you could tend to your garden, adding a few new plants as needed.
1st Quarter (Waxing) Moon Planting (Old Farmers Almanac) : The New Moon and first quarter, or waxing phases, are considered fertile and wet. The new and first-quarter phases, known as the light of the Moon, are considered good for planting above-ground crops, putting down sod, grafting trees, and transplanting.


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