Magical Fairy Tree Hawthorn


There’s a saying that if you tie a piece of clothing of someone who needs help around the branch of a Hawthorn Tree, the fairies will grant your wish.

Traditionally, no one cuts the lone hawthorn tree as this is the meeting places of the fairies. Indeed, many roads have been diverted to avoid cutting one down. Hawthorn is generally seen as a tree which brings good luck to the owner and prosperity to the land where it stands.

We have a ring of Hawthorne tree’s in our magical woods nearby, and there’s no denying in its magic!

People have been known to use the berries to cure heart ailments, and even eat the young leaves called bread and cheese).

The best time to Harvest the fruit is  in early autumn, then spread out to dry or make into wine or jam.Flowers can be harvested in May and dried in the sun. Leaves can be harvested any time. Be sure to ask permission and leave an offering.Collect fallen limbs after storms to use for carving or making wands.

Magical Use:

Make an enchanted Hawthorn Wreath but handle with care, use gloves! Place Hawthorn limbs or twigs  around your doors and windows to prevent human astral spirits/other world spirits from coming into your abode.

Plant a Hawthorn  hedge around your house to keep out unfriendly spirits and add hawthorn to an amulets for protection against spirits and harmful magic.

Additionally, the thorns can be used to mark wax, to write with magical ink, or to fix something for magical purposes.

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