Thank goodness it’s Freya! Universal Astro Transit Chart for Friday!

casual-witchAstro Transit Chart 9-8-16
I don’t know about you but the Mercury Rx has been much easier on me this go around and that’s saying a lot from a Scorpio Sun, who loves to delve. My Cancer (Moony boy) husband also hasn’t experienced it’s usual turmoil. As Mercury Rx transits through my 7th and his 3rd house, believe you me, we’ve had our share of relationship communication. We’ve made adjustments, exposed ourselves, grew in our knowledge, re-evaluated, and removed that which didn’t work for either of us. We’re still in process with all of you learning how the stress aspects to this planet effects us on a personal level. Sometimes it just seems easier not to talk at all. So, we both chill back into our own little worlds of game play online, thank the gods for Neptune. But, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break and having a little fantasy time. Recently our daughter was so upset that she handed in a later paper at school that she lost it. She brought her laptop into our room, lay it on the bed, and said, “I just removed all my emails, pictures, ect…I don’t want a laptop, it’s distracting me from my work!” But, we don’t learn control by simply removing the temptation. I set some firm limits on her computer time and she asked for the laptop later that evening.
My biggest communication problem has been inability to hear people when they call.  Virgo is a flexible yet grounded sign. We learn adaptable stability and where/when to make changes  so that our life moves more smoothly. It’s a good time to cleanse our body, mind, and heart. I think the key is adapting with any new knowledge that’s given to us. Being staunch in your opinions will only isolate you from those you love.
Transit Sagittarius Moon influences us with a quick wit, sharp mind and extraordinary insights but our emotions take a back seat. Sagittarius gives us a broader vision of our goals without much  fear of failure. Just don’t make that leap yet!  We can now see most of the big picture and have uncanny perceptions about our daily lives. In fact suddenly you get things on an all inclusive level. Because of the Moon’s intuition coupled with Sagittarius’s judging faculties, we quickly sift through our sensory impressions to give us a clear reading on the environment.
If you have a Sagittarius Moon sign: You’re charming and social. You approach situations with an avid exploration. It’s a must that you learn everything you can about your experience. You enjoy spending your money on pleasurable pursuits. You prefer to have a mate that’s a friend for life. But it’s necessary that they give you personal space and independence. You’re a great travel companion as you love to see the world. You have a light heart about most matters, believing in fate, whether it be love or business, you let the chips fall where they may. Your spontaneity attracts others and you seem to have quite a bit of good luck. You’re life moto: life, love, and the pursuit of growth.
Miss Moon paired with Sun Signs:
Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Sagittarius Moon boosts your self confidence, adventurous nature, & appetite for experiencing things,
Air Sign:(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius),gives you vitality, enthusiasm, talent for sales, keen intellect.
Earth Sign ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you’ll feel a combination of practical commonsense with creative outlook.
Water Sign( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) your emotional, intense personality is galvanized by Miss Sagittarius Moon, great for writers and artists.
Saturn transits Sagittarius: Remember that Saturn is about conservation in wherever it transits your chart.  This slow planet brings us added responsibility and hard lessons learned through experience. You can’t get out of this one. If you feel like you’re work load just tripled, you can bet that Saturn is involved. But, with the sour comes the sweet. Saturn doesn’t give us lessons to fail.  The sooner you face whatever Saturn challenge you’re experiencing then the quicker you can work with His energy. There is so much energy involved with this planet that it would be wise to follow your flow, not matter how burdened you feel. Along the way you’ll notice areas that need to re-organization.  If you apply yourself, work hard, are diligent and disciplined you will be rewarded down the road. Just don’t let the lack of recognition now thwart your plan.  Just as I wrote about Professor Saturn in the last article, we need to live in the here and now. Accepting whatever you’re going through and making practical decisions will help you move forward albeit at a snails pace. Slow and steady win the race.  When Saturn is involved, no short cuts are allowed, and if you find a way to cut corners you’ll regret it later.
Moon/Saturn: This pair gives us a feeling of cool detachment from our relationships or family. Romantic passion’s chill and your hot lover may seem more like a sweet friend. This could leave you feeling frustrated and depressed and possibly wondering if the relationships is doomed. Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn will have you question what you want in life, and why you don’t have it yet. I know at times you may feel lost, but don’t blame your friends, lovers and family when you think, “I’m not getting what I want!”  Remember this is a transit, and it only lasts a few days and is there to help you get in touch with you. Many people will feel the effect of this aspect financially, with bills piling up and not being able to catch an even break. You may find your responsibilities toward family and children ever increasing to the point that it’s overbearing.
The problem is that these responsibilities seem to continue draining away at your vitality instead of giving your life purpose. Saturn can represent “the Father figure.”  If you’re caring  for an aging parent or partner, it becomes a tedious chore, a burden to heavy to bare. Don’t be lured into the web of self pity, as this spells certain destruction.
This isn’t a favorable time for moving or initiating any major actions. On top of that, you could experience this transit as recalling  traumatic childhood memories.
On the positive side, any effort you put forth when accompanied by hard work, patience and discipline should pay off. Forgotten female friends show up at your door.
Body issues: Water retention and slow digestion.
T-square (very difficult transit): Testing the way your life is put together-disruptions in life that are handled correctly can later turn into success.
Sagittarius Moon/Saturn, Pisces Neptune 10*,and Virgo Sun- Your subconscious tendencies are on the surface now, causing some of you to live in a world of fantasy and reject real world responsibilities.
Issues you’re unable to control or handle
moments when you know you should change direction
Major life disruptions
finding you can’t live your normal routine
challenges to your weak side
feel worn out
no acknowledgement for work done
lost in fantasy vs reality
rejecting work or responsibility
finding all responsibilities a burden
What’s happening for everyone on some level:
Your inner “truth” is too heavy to shoulder. What you know on a deep gut level isn’t jiving with what you want (your ideal life/love/job). This inner unrest is sparked when someone unreasonable irritates you.  You feel like you’re towing more than you’re share and not being recognized for it. You’re subconscious fears surface under Neptune’s hazy fog and trigger childhood habits and past conditioning. People react from instinct, in fact you may become what you fear most.
warning: Beware of fake guru’s and religions that have an all or nothing attitude, negative psychic influences and séances. This can lead to true break down and hospitalization.
Pisces Neptune 10* conjunct South Node 12*- We all feel a bit cut off from our usual social circle. Also, our ideas are quite different from those around us, so we pull away and isolate ourselves. The South Node is what we know, whereas the North Node is where we should be heading. If you think of this isolation as a time to renew your own self knowledge you’ll be on track. We’re learning to adjust from who we used to be. The south node enables us to continue to weed out what which no longer serves us and points to the ultimate truth of our north node.
September 12th, 6:40pm-
Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury Rx 20*- You might be given a second chance to correct actions taken. This is definitely the time to evaluate how you come off to others. Are you projecting the real you, or just past fears?  If your outward projected personality has been misunderstood, then Virgo Sun (the great problem solver) along with Mercury,(planet of communication/learning,) can help you discover where you went wrong. Virgo is meticulous cataloger, anything that’s not up to par wil be dissected into unique compartments so that you can work on them individually. One of Virgo’s key virtues is discretion. Mercury Rx brings to the surface what was communicated in the past, possibly to the soul. Maybe you’re living a dual life. Do your true beliefs match the way you’re living?  You’ll understand on a profound level how all things interplay in your life. Whatever you do, say or change will come full circle when Mercury Stations direct on September 22, 2016.
Sagittarius Mars 18* conjunct Moon 19*- Your anger may be impetuous and irrational with this aspect. Mars can ignite the Moon with memories of a past hurt that you didn’t express. It’s not how big the problem is, but more because it’s the last straw! The most likely targets are close family members. Just remember you’re wearing your ego(Mars) on your sleeve, so try not to take things so personally.
Libra Jupiter 0*:  We desire parties, friends, luxury, and making mula becomes very important. We value partnerships whether in business or love. In fact, for those without a lover, you might be searching for “the one” with a gusto never experienced before. We tend to relate our beliefs about religion, philosophy, education, and culture in social environments. We value helping foreign cultures under this transit as we have a greater appreciation for their; art, music and entertainment. This favors charity work, foreign travel, business expansion, and partnerships.
Libra 13* Sabian Symbol: Children are blowing bubbles at youngsters party. Healthy stimulation through play and the joy of human interaction. Creative fantasy, spinning of idle dreams. Relaxation.
Libra Venus 13* only accentuates the need to find everything beautiful and couple up with Mr./Mrs. Right. We fall in love too easily, and expect all the right ambiance in tow. Venus wants us to learn appreciation for the finer qualities within us. Adding that extra bit of politeness, folded napkins, please & thank you, are all appreciated now. After experiencing Virgo Venus, who felt the need to protect her feelings at all costs, and suppress them at every turn, now the floodgates are open! We’ve been choosy, uptight, and rigid with what we want. We’ve figured out what our ideals are, now we expect them to manifest! Unfortunately this can lead us to spend more money on luxuries and creature comforts. Remember this is an expectation phase, not a manifestation phase. We want to play with those we love, laugh, and have entertainment. Especially considering the stranglehold of Saturn on our fun quotient, we probably need it! It’s okay to let go and dream, appreciate art, fine music and dining, as long as it doesn’t bankrupt our pockets.
Magical Day correspondences:
Friday- takes it’s name from FREYA, Goddess of Love and Transformation
Planet- Venus
Colors- green, pink, white
Crystals: Rose quartz,
Favors: harmony, affection, romantic love, friendships, beauty, grace, luxury, gardening, growth, entertainers, designers, decorating homes, household improvements, fashion, music, income, planning parties.
Spells for: Love of self, others, humanity, artistic ability and creative vision,
burn rose scented candles, carry a rose quartz on you, empower a red rose for passion place in bedroom, Call upon Eros to bring a love into your life, share strawberry’s with your partner
Astro aspects:
Moon In Sagittarius: Metaphysics, religion, law, long distance travel, higher learning, philosophy
Negative Aspects: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Mars: Challenging, outbursts, fights, aggression, temper tantrums and meltdowns,
good for courage, standing by your beliefs, accepting outside philosophies, big picture thinking
Positive aspects:
Pluto trine Sun: advancing a more powerful dynamic image, accomplishing goals, good fortune
Moon trine Uranus: Psychic aspect, good for connecting with spirit, inventions, ambition, making new friends.
Jeannie is a lover of life, gourmet foodie, October Baby, and psychic
Connect with Jeannie on  her blog at AstroPsychicWytchWays  , Facebook @AstroPsychic , come join our group AstroPsychicWitch and for readings AstroPsychic Jeannie Irwin


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