Yes, Venus Ambiance does Matter!

Venus (Aphrodite) is the Roman Goddess presiding over love and pleasure. She was born laughing, conceived from the sea foam after Saturn castrated and hurled Uranus into the Sea. Therefore she’s depicted riding upon a clam shell surrounding by pearls. Every Roman god wanted her, and flowers spring forth from where she walks. She’s said to both beguile Gods and Man alike. But, of all the gods, the ugly and deformed god Vulcan won her heart, and married. Her control over emotion is legend; she wore a magical corset that was said to ” the steal the wits of even the wise.” But, add to that, she is also temperamental, spiteful, treacherous and self-indulgent.
Venus in your chart reflects:
1. how you relate to others including the opposite sex
2. points to things you’re attracted to
3. your ability to love and share
4. your choice of cosmetics, clothes, gifts, flowers and art objects.
Venus Rules the sign Taurus, representing our internal/external values and possessions.
Glitter like diamonds-
Venus 4* is now transiting Libra: Love becomes a work of art and poetry. We’re more in infatuated with the idea with love and all it’s complimentary extra’s.  Romantic ambiance is more important to you more during this aspect.  In fact we want things just “right” in our relationships, so  any rude or uncouth behavior becomes a real turn off.
Break out the good wine glasses, turn on some soft R&B, light a few candles, and wear something revealing. It all matters right now!
Although we are drawn to pairing up, there’s a cool demeanor in love, and an aloof reserve of  affection that Venus in Libra employs. We can just as easily turn our noses up at someone as befriend them.  We desire balance in our environment but in the extricating things/relationships not useful we could lose ourselves. Many people will give in to situations instead of stand up for what they truly want. They immediately see that they’re the problem, which could be a misleading aspect in their chart.  They let their partner/friends run rough shod over them during Venus Libra.
Pump up the volume on insight!
Jupiter & Mercury Rx transit Libra at 28*
Jupiter/Mercury Rx gives us greater insight into our internal big picture, past conversations and decisions and bears new light on subjects previously studied. So, that being said, you can even learn more on a subject you thought you knew everything about when Mercury is Rx and especially conjunct Jupiter! Just remember there’s a mental balance with this pair in Libra, don’t allow Jupiter’s obsessive all or nothing attitude gain too much ground! Stay with the unbiased approach in relationships right now until Oct 7th. At this time, we’re still in the gestation cycle with Mercury, so you might feel the pull of Jupiter as new ideas, and even creative “outside the box” thinking could sway you to act, don’t! It’s not time for action, it’s a time of contemplation.

Magical Day Friday:
Planet: Venus
Colors: Green, Pink, White
good for: Romantic Love & Friendship spells
Appreciating beauty
Decorating & household improvements
Cosmetics, Beauty, Beauticians
Planning parties
Magical Moon Phase
Virgo (New Moon)Waxing Moon 25 degrees,  1.5% September 2nd
New Moon Magic is 0-45* ahead of the Sun
(workings may be done up to 3 1/2 days after New Moon)
Goddess: Aradia (New Moon signifies conception of Aradia)
Best Time to Perform Magick: between dawn & sunset
Workings: Thankfulness rituals for completed workings
Offerings, Dragon Magick, God/Goddess Rituals
Expect your work/spell to be manifest on next Full Moon
Next Full Moon
Pisces Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, 24*, September 16th, 2:06 CDT

Next Phase- First Quarter- September 9th
*Ho Iiliad 14. 215

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