Virgo New Moon Eclipse with Professor Saturn! 9-1-16

We find Professor Saturn, proper suit
vest and tie, traveling upon a crimson carriage which is drawn by a team of unruly horses. His next stop will be in a vast unknown part of the continent teaching the natives. The team of horses seem to want to go two different ways and He’s soon to reach the conclusion that’s not all he has to deal with. The Natives have their own ways, and they won’t listen to his teachings until he undergoes many different initiations such as fire walking. We’ve all seen people do it, and maybe you’ve done it yourself, but for some people this is something they’ll never consider. Imagine this uptight Professor, unhinged because the Natives hid his clothing and left him a small skin skirt. How’s He supposed to teach without His briefcase full of forms, documents and throat lozenges?
We start this part of our journey with the Professor standing in front of the rock bed alight with flames. The Chief of the tribe pantomime’s how it is performed and you see an old woman from the edge of the flames with a smile that says, he’s childish.
Finally he decides that to embody the spirit of the tribe he must go through with it. As you might have guessed, he learns something more important about himself. He’s been so caught up with his profession all these years, that he didn’t know how to live in the moment. Now, the most important lesson he’ll ever teach is to himself.
He’ll have to learn balance within the tribe while keeping his personality in tact and not becoming an all out native, which by the way Professor Saturn would never do. As He teaches the tribe He becomes aware of their philosophies, religion, belief systems and medical treatments.  Lets just say, His ways and theirs are incomprehensibly different. The first time he really had to face this was when a tribe member cut their arm open and the Professor pulled off his shirt, ripped the sleeve and tied it around the natives arm. After a week spent tied inside a dark cave the Professor realized he needed to find a different way to appreciate their ways and not force His. Balance.
Fast forward a few months and He’s in the thick of the tribe, symbols drawn on his skin, messy hair, barefoot and completely attentive. Living in the now, he’s learned to balance his needs with the obligations to others.
Today I honor the New Moon Roman Goddess Diana, Queen of the Witches, who in the beginning contained all things within herself.  She divided herself into darkness and light. Her brother/son/ Lucifer and other half of herself were the light. She found His light so attracting that she wanted to possess it alone.   Each time she’d see his light, she’d tremble and the myth entails that her trembling created the moments before daylight that we call dawn. Lucifer refused her offers but she had another plan. His favorite pet, a cat, slept in his bed nightly, so she went behind his back and convinced his cat to change shapes with her.  She emerged on his bed and shifted back into her form luring her brother Lucifer.  As a result of their union Aradia was born. Diana later handed down the title of Queen of all Witches to her daughter Aradia and proceeded to teach her of all magical ways.  Aradia was given the task to teach witches upon the earth and was sent here, so then she was the first earth witch.
Saturn is the Answer!
Focusing on the T-Square: (Virgo Moon/Sun eclipse oppose Pisces Neptune, square Sagittarius Saturn.)
The best way to handle the tension of a t-square is through the focus point planet, which in this case is Saturn. The mind boggling idea that restrictive, law giving, rule making, slow Saturn being our escape route has my mind reeling. But, if we dig deeper we realize Professor Saturn is engaging in some mind expanding and spirit enhancing travel in Sagittarius right now. This changes everything!
But this isn’t a mindless trip, it’s a soul journey with a few hard knocks along the way.
This isn’t mind tripping Pisces hippy love or shaman vision quest, this is reality baby, front and center. We have a job, task, and future to plan for, and in the process Saturn is teaching us how to give and take.
Sun conjunct Moon(New Moon)- Our personal life comes into prominence while the power of the solar energy is being infused into our emotions. Therefore you should feel more one within yourself and the only obstacles to manifestating your prize is simply being afraid of your emotions. This transit will bring out all your unconscious attitudes, so take a good look at them today for these are some of the areas where you may need balance.
Virgo Sun/Moon helps gives us a careful and critical eye when looking at ways to better ourselves.  We can make lists for improvement and areas where we want to excell that may have been stimed.  Our self analysis builds a foundation where past lessons get converted into practical tools for our success.
(Sun/Moon) squares Sagittarius Saturn-  is your ability to give and take when its appropriate and not allow personal ideals to runaway with you. Also your ability to see all sides of yourself is a gift that’s ever present during the New Moon’s auspiciuos lumination. Our unconscious/shadow selves rear their ghostly face. Suddenly you might be contending with parts of yourself you thought was long dead. Haunted by memories of who you were, who you are, and where to go now, it’s like wandering through a cemetary at night. Every bird that flies up, or cricket that stirs casts shadows around you that seem ultra-scary! But, more fearsome than that is the silence within your heart, the fear that suffocates, the part of you that’s not sure if You’ll ever get out of this alive and in tact!
Shadows add a dimension and our surroundings which expands our awareness. Without shadows the world would be a dull and flat place.
Your unconscious stirrings rise transform under the New Moons light. They add a depth in your life that allows you to expand your spiritual/physical/relationship journey.
The third piece to our puzzle rests with the planet Pisces in Neptune in opposition to The fun filled fantasy ride in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, with illusionary ghosts dancing in the ballroom and a graveyard full of hands reaching out to get you.  How do you get off the ride? When your future holds no promise. You might not see a light at the end of the tunnel yet, and that’s part of Neptune’s job, to obscure your vision at times with illusion.
Saturn’s version of reality is ever expanding/contracting in a perfect symmetry of spiritual yin/yang balance. We’re being asked to be in the moment and yet not of the moment as Saturn rules over philosophy and wisdom. We must be in the world but not of it, connected to our higher consciousness and our spiritual guides but not so “far out” that we can’t do our jobs and work on ourselves.
We’ve been swimming in the Neptunian waters of “We” for long enough. Our minds and spirits are saturated with the “oneness” principal and now Saturn orders “enough!”. We must learn just as the great ocean finds rest on the sand and rocks of the beach so  must we.
Our beach is based on a spiritual “knowing”, a concrete hard won wisdom and a faith built upon past trials that we’ve overcome. Yes, if you’re asking,  we will make it through this time of restriction and juxtaposing between beliefs and reality. Hang on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride but after the trials there’s some great rewards in store!
Jeannie is an author, astrologer, and exotic foodie
Facebook Page @AstroPsychic

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