Moon in Virgo gets it done! August 31, 2016-

witch kitchen
Transit Moon in Virgo-
When Miss Moon transits the sign of Virgo, we all feel the pull to get things done, tighten up loose ends, scrutinize, prioritize, reorganize all with tangible end results. Since Virgo rules health and work, we find Miss Moon today sitting among her apothecary bottles, reorganizing the cabinet in which they sit, cleaning around her house, and rescheduling appointments. Meanwhile, being a fastidious baker and dear friend to those around her, she’s also multitasking on many levels with ease. She has a special oat nut bread rising on the counter for her Son, who just started college, a casserole in the oven with all her healing herbs for the sick neighbor down the street,  and appointment to get her nails done at noon. Everyone loves her and seeks her out to solve their problems, after all she does that better than anyone.
dried magic herbs
As We continue, we find her pouring her magical fresh dried herbs into a tiny dark jar when she’s interrupted by a phone call.  A friend who’s having relationship problems needs her special council. Miss Virgo Moon analyzes her friends need, sympathizes and gives practical instructions on how to handle it, while pulling the casserole out of the oven.  She’s not uncaring, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, her first desire is to put everything aside and run to her friends side, but she has many plates in the air, and if she stops one is going to come crashing down. She doesn’t even realize the impact she’s made on her friend as this was the least she could do.
witch knows whats right
Virgo Moon’s are not egotistical, and most of them don’t even understand the power they have to heal and care for others. You’ll find their responses to compliments exasperating, as they don’t do well with praise. The reason for this is self scrutiny and critical faculties. They know better than most the many things they could be doing, in fact, add that to the long list of what they are doing. They’re aware of what you need and how to help, as many of them are healers, counselors, and health care workers. And everyone around them emotionally rely on the Virgo Moon, as they are steady, not gushy and can stay removed from the situation while giving amazing advice.
Secretly, she likes it this way, because at times it’s so much easier to work instead of feel. In the sign of Virgo, Miss Moons usually dramatic emotions get categorized, placed on tidy shelves, and only brought out when the situation calls for them and then only with restraint.
She’s  not a gossip but she sifts meticulously through every piece of information which gets categorized and placed in it’s proper box. More than likely, if you try to spread rumors to her, she’ll classify you as unworthy of her trust, but she has too much class to ever tell you that. Instead, she’ll smile, nod, and answer with simple affirmations to let you know she’s listening. Most of the time, she never has to worry about this, because she’s so discriminating in her choice of friends and activities. Virgo Moon knows that it’s important to clean out their emotional closet as well. If you don’t serve a purpose in their lives and more importantly, if they can’t serve a purpose in yours; the relationship is likely to end. Virgo is the service oriented and it’s essential they are of use. Add to that, nothing they do is frivolous, even when on the surface it may appear to be. They don’t shop for inconsequential items, everything has to serve a practical purpose. For, Virgo may is a mutable earth sign that expects tangible end results to their efforts, even if “you” are one of their efforts!

What this transit means for all signs:
Virgo is a work horse and imposes a strategic and practical approach to our daily lives. This is a good time to reorganize and rethink. As I told the kids before they left for school, today teachers may be more particular, so don’t be sloppy or leave anything out. Clearly my younger teen wasn’t paying attention, because the school called only moments ago to say she’d burnt her hand on a hot pan in cooking class. Luckily, she was okay and she had no damage to her hand.
Virgo Moon imparts a practical creative vision which is great for writers. But, with the Waning Moon, this is not a favorable time for starting new projects.
We need to tidy up our homes, clean out closets, junk drawers, disinfect our work areas, even detoxify our bodies and relationships.
Look at calendars and reschedule any conflicting appointments.
Eat healthy detoxifying foods.
Drink plenty of water.
Wear more modest clothing.
Lucky numbers, 5 & 3.
De-stress using Yoga, Stretching, Focused writing
Rethink you past actions (Mercury Retrograde in Virgo)
re-strategize work actions

Moon Phase:
Waning Crescent Phase 1% illumination
Upcoming celestial: New Moon September 1, 2016 4:03 am CDT

Magical Correspondences for Wednesday:
Planet: Mercury
Colors: Purple, Magenta, Silver
influences/energies: Wisdom, healing, communication, intelligence, memory, education, writing, editing, advertising, merchants, social matters, neighbors, acquaintances, siblings, employee’s, critics, music, phone calls/texts, computers, email, advertising, visual arts.

Famous People with Moon in Virgo:
Mel Gibson, John F. Kennedy, Shirley McClaine, Leo Tolstoy, AstroPsychicWytch
Readings and more:



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